Motivational letters are often demanded at the time of admissions, applying for scholarships, or participating in some voluntary activities. Motivational letters take a lot of time in outlining and drafting their structure and headings. It can be stressful and scary to write a motivational letter at some times.

If you are a student who wants to write a motivational letter for his university or college admission, then you are at the right place.In this post, we have discussed 5 practical tips to write engaging motivational letters for yourself.

1.   Keep it personalized

Make sure to keep your motivational letter focused on yourself and try to discuss yourself more instead of discussing your family and friends. First, introduce yourself in an interesting way that attracts the reader. Then discuss your life experiences and places you have lived in before. You can also talk about your life’s early practical experiences and career shifts if any.

For an instance, mention if you started any business in your early life with some little investment in the motivational letter, what you have learned from that business? Whether it was successful or a complete failure.

You can also write about some of the tragic incidents you have faced in your life, or participation in some sort of social welfare activities.

2. Avoid plagiarism

Your motivational letter should be unique, do not try to copy someone else letter. Always perform Plagiarism Check to ensure zero plagiarism in your motivational letter because organizations usually receive hundreds of applications.

If you submit an identical motivational letter by just tempering your credentials, they can reject your application straight away. Make sure to add uniqueness to your content.

If any plagiarism is detected, there are a variety of ways you can add uniqueness to your letter like you can cite the sources, or adding quotations, or the best way to remove highlighted plagiarism is to Paraphrase the text if you copied any.

So, the best option is to check for plagiarism before submission.

3.   Study the organization first

You should be well aware of the requirements, culture, rules, and regulations of the organization you are applying for. Do consider their norms and how you can add productivity and effectiveness to their environment. Mentioning those aspects in your motivational letter increases your chances of selection.

Identify the flaws and spaces for improvement in their organization, and how you can fulfill these weaknesses. After all, they should have solid reasons for selecting you.

4.   Talk about your future goals

Do mention your future goals in your motivational letter. By reading your goals, the selector will have a clear perception in his mind about you because goals are things that usually express a person’s point of view.

  • Your goals should be Realistic
  • You should mention your short-term and long-term goals separately.
  • Make your goals relevant to the organization.
  • Your goals should be measurable and motivate you.

5.   Proofread and finalize your letter

Proofreading after writing the motivational letter is also very important. It helps in eliminating misspelled words, grammatical mistakes, and plagiarism. You can also use AI tools to check for grammatical mistakes and sentence irregularities.

So, it is nearly compulsory to proofread before finalizing, make sure the format and font size is accurate and the letter should not be exceeding one page.

Points to consider before writing a motivational letter

  • Write in a way you are telling a story or explaining something.
  • Follow the guideline provided by the university or college (Format, font, length).
  • Write in easy wording.
  • Write in short paragraphs.
  • Do focus on your strengths.
  • Do not overemphasize things.

Final words

These are the 5 practical tips to write a motivational letter that makes you stand out of the ordinary. I hope this post will help you, Thanks for reading!

Best of luck with your letter!


Should I use the same motivational letter for all universities?

No! you should read and follow the guidelines given by the university. The requirement varies from organization to organization.

Is the cover letter and motivational letter the same?

No! cover letters are usually asked by recruiters while motivational letters are used for getting admission to a university or college.

Does a motivational letter matter?

Yes! The selectors usually read the motivational letter and may select and reject a candidate based on it.

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